Menschen hinter der gleichen Idee bringen

Aus der Sozialpsychologie wissen wir, dass Identifikation bei jeder Bewegung instrumentell ist, damit sich Menschen sich auf eine neue Richtung konzentrieren konnen, und durch geteilte Werten Solidaritat aufbauen konnen. Ob es für die Schaffung von mehr Demokratie, Mitbestimmungsrechten, Gleichheit, Aktivisten sind auf die Strasse gegangen, umd die Aufmerksamkeit der Medien und ihre Regierungen zu fangen.

From social Psychology we know as a fact that every movement, every revolution, every campaign, needs an identification method.

This is not a question of strategy, but the way revolutions work. Revolutionaries must be able to identify with a name, a symbol, a novelty, a repurposed brand that packs their shared anger and carries their grievances forward in new ways, with new technologies. Despite the fact that this global revolution is clearly about the rise of humanity against oppressive oligarchs (1%) who have rigged the democratic process and have disregarded all kinds of moral principles to pursue endless profits and greed, this revolution is still amorph. If you think of it as a caterpillar in a cocoon we neither know what kind of butterfly will be born, or actually if the process of metamorphosis will actually reach its goal.

As it stands today, social change/Activism is erratic, and the fault does not reside in the 1% but in the 99% and its endless number of self centered egos claiming to know what the people need and where the problem is. The problem is our own individuality, that is now seriously challenged by the need to function as a collective for the wellbeing of the whole humanity.

A successful revolution must provide solidarity through identification, and empower the masses to feel part of something bigger. Humans need now to feel actors and not spectators in the unfolding change. The way things are organized now still allow our governments and our world's organizations to control the narrative on issues we categorically reject. Such 1% controlled, bankrupted propaganda is visible in such narratives:

 What's lacking in this revolution is the identification with the shared purpose. Nobody would ever think that "Peace" is that missing purpose, because we have been conditioned to see peace as the purpose of the "Antiwar-" and "Nuclear Disarmament-types of advocacy. Nothing could be any more flawed and futile. The whole Social Change is a Peace Movement, and a Peace Process at the same time!

Even those who insist on framing the highest of human ideals, peace, in the referential frame, through the lens of "wars", must accept the fact that over 50 years of advocacy with the aim of reducing armed conflicts, disarm nuclear weapons, prevent genocide, torture, have been inefficient at best. (ADD LINKS AND PROOF)

If "peace" is the shared purpose of activism, why not use this identification power rather than try yet another protest, another petition, another political movement? Empowering humanity now, making this revolution efficient, cohesive, means allowing the 99% of every nation, active individuals, "activists" to unite and identify with the word "RESPONSIBILITY" and condemn our authorities, our world organizations, our organizations of social change, our fellow human beings who are apathetic, not engaged, for being irresponsible.

The fault of our current crisis is not just the corruption inside the 1% but the inability of those who could make this revolution a successful one, to get over their differences and insist on fulfilling their own selfish needs, like Likes, web traffic, tweets, or donations, rather then keeping their mission as the highest priority.

We believe that this revolution is simply an evolutionary leap of human consciousness inside the minds of the compassionate and responsible agents of change, so called "Activists". Repeace is not another entity or organization providing guidance and targeted action (yet) but more importantly the leading thought that agents of change need to understand their purpose, and break down the fake barriers made of race, religion, political views, causes, age, gender, etc.