About Repeace


Evolution gets unleashed when entire systems become obsolete, inefficient. Few dare to admit that, possibly, it's not the establishment that needs to evolve, but the entire system of resistance... "activism."

Repeace is an intuitive, practical strategy for social engagement, empowerment and global solidarity, centered around values, not issues.

As a broadly framed, positive “CAMPAIGN OF RESPONSIBILITY,” Repeace takes an unconventional approach to activism and (r)evolutionary change. Repeace has been a pioneering effort towards a new kind of communication platform for leaderless agency since its inception, back in 2009, before the waves of public outcry seen in Egypt (Tahrir Square), USA (Occupy), etcetera. The largest, past U.S. movements, and all current forms of social resistance / popular uprising, were unable to produce formal reforms in our institutions, and struggle to motivate and mobilize sizable resistance. Repeace could to do it, by offering to international Occupation movements a viable alternative of proactive engagement and immediate results, without, protests, petitions, violence.

The logic behind this approach is simple and timeless. The frustrating state of deep corruption of our institutions, paired with a growing sense of disorientation, fatigue and despair, felt by activists worldwide, give to this strategy a relevance that keeps growing by the month.

Repeace employs applied social psychology and marketing techniques (see: “Framing,” usually used by corporate, governmental and political entities) to reorganize social change, reunite, and empower a humanity in distress. Repeace frames all social activism under the name Repeacement, Repeacing, an activist as “Repeacer.” Repeace shifts thousands of different causes and conflicting political views behind the values, we all share. This is perfectly in sync with the praise about the "more physical" Occupy movement, made by professor George Lakoff in 2012.

I think it is a good thing that the occupation movement is not making specific policy demands. If it did, the movement would become about those demands. If the demands were not met, the movement would be seen as having failed.

Consistent with Sheldon Wolin’s suggestions and George Lakoff’s beliefs, Repeace is centered on the values shared by existing organizations and most citizens. Repeace uses the 3 Repeace commitments, to gather massive public support, build solidarity beyond national borders, and avoid dangerous, public confrontations.

  1. I will support businesses that focus on sustainable, local products and services, not on buying influence.
  2. I will support representatives who are accountable to me, not to private interests.  
  3. I will support countries that promote and defend freedom of expression.  

Unconventional, unspecific, leaderless and global

The values of ACCOUNTABILITY, TRANSPARENCY, SUSTAINABILITY, COMPASSION, FREEDOM OF DISSENT/EXPRESSION are implied and reflected in the 3 commitments. Every U.S. citizen/resident, who actively stands behind the values above, can join in/vote on the 3 major US counters. German, Austrian and Swiss citizens and residents, can do the same at repeace.de