Strategie und Methode


Repeace wants to make responsibility irresistible, worldwide, almost without need of language, cause, or physical confrontations with the establishment.

By using the term Repeace/Repeacer, the symbol of responsibility, and a simple hand sign (3 = 3 commitments), Repeace wants to create a massive, positive demand for responsibility, worldwide.

The 3 main counters on the front page, are meant to give a voice to all agents of change, who wish to be heard, but don't feel adequately represented by organized actions/petitions. The 3 counters spell out 3 straightforward commitments, as they represent the core strategy around the Repeace vision, centering activism on values, not issues. They can be seen and understood as a sort of 3 "occupy events." 

  1. I will support businesses that focus on sustainable, local products and services, not on buying influence.
  2. I will support representatives who are accountable to me, not to private interests.  
  3. I will support countries that promote and defend freedom of expression.  

Sharing the hand sign, or a printed symbol of responsibility (here) in your images on social media, greatly increases your/our chances to be noticed. The new identification with this alternative approach to social justice uses the name Repeacing / Repeacement to reframe social action and empower activists. Repeacer is used as as a synonym for “activist.” Identification with new ideas/brands/groups is common practice applied by any strategy aimed at impacting change (here).

Logic dictates that we evolve, reframe social change. 

By promoting intuitive, logic frames / narratives, like “Peace is the absence of fear”, “Responsibility prevents conflicts” Repeace redefines social change as the process that promotes peace(s). In doing so, Repeace shifts the prevailing perception from what “Peace process” / “Peace movement” was (mainly antiwar efforts), to what "Peace process" has always been: “The efforts to relieve all social conflicts or injustices," (economic, healthcare related, related to education, civil rights, inequalities, discrimination, class, gender, race, and much more).

Repeace makes Activism immune from predictable slurs and criticism

As a positive identification with the values behind the 3 commitments, Repeace turns strategy into concrete action, because it escapes the predictable slurs and criticism, commonly used by elite media narratives (here) to make activism look bad. The identification with the 3 commitments, in other words, makes activism immune from criticism. None of the typical slurs associated with activism will stick if agents of change and progressive organizations shift to the Repeace method of action.


Creating a unified will and unity of purpose, naturally

Thousands of causes, stemming from dozens of different countries, expressed in dozens of languages and organized by millions of organizations, pages, blogs, movements, are currently divided, competitive, weak, ignored by an establishment, that has no intention in addressing the root problems facing humanity, and change domestic or foreign policies. But attacking and criticizing the 1% for being corrupted is futile. There is a term for repeating the same things over and over, expecting different results. Everyone says "We need to do this"; "We need to stop that." The point is, there is no WE to begin with. 

By shifting grievances from the traditional complaints in the streets, to 3 positive, proactive commitments, “Repeacers” avoid specific issues. In doing so, activism can transcend itself, become truly non violent (it makes physical confrontations obsolete) and become immune from the predictable slurs placed on them by the establishment. 

Moving tens of millions of people with the main counters

The predominantly featured counters on the front page, are an alternate method of action, specifically aimed at materializing the same solidarity, the same huge numbers of participants, usually seen in images of large protests and peaceful gatherings. The non specific support for the values we share, reflects exactly the opinion on the strategy of the more physical U.S. Occupation movement, made by professor George Lakoff in 2012.


I think it is a good thing that the occupation movement is not making specific policy demands. If it did, the movement would become about those demands. If the demands were not met, the movement would be seen as having failed.

Consistent with Sheldon Wolin’s suggestions and George Lakoff’s beliefs, Repeace strategy to focus on the values shared by existing organizations and most citizens, is efficiently expressed in the 3 Repeace Commitments: 

Unconventional, unspecific, global, therefore massive

Repeace aim is international in vision and scope, while its fast, simple engagement method is independent from nationality, language, political, ideological or spiritual views, and able to adapt in time.

Different from traditional forms of organized resistance, The values of ACCOUNTABILITY, TRANSPARENCY, SUSTAINABILITY, COMPASSION, FREEDOM OF DISSENT/EXPRESSION are implied and reflected in three simple commitments. Every U.S. citizen/resident can actively stand behind the values above, and join in on the 3 major US counters. German, Austrian and Swiss citizens and residents, can do the same at